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Develop Proper Riding skills!

  • Dramatically improve your skills and techniques in just 1 - 3 days
  • Choose from a variety of convenient times
  • Full safety gear, and dirtbike included

Note: To preserve our small class sizes, only 5 spots are available in each session. Sign up now to reserve your place! 

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Certified Professional Off-road Trainers

What will you learn?

Our trainers will make sure your kids learn how to ride the proper way, and the safest way. We like to keep the groups under 12 kids at a time, so we have a 1:4 ration between coaches and riders. We have Oset mini bikes, Kawasaki KLX110’s, KLX140’s, KLX230's, and KX250's available for the kids to learn on. Featuring full riding gear supplied by Fox so the riders are protected. You are welcome to bring your own bike and riding gear if you choose to.  

Learn to Ride Level 1 - The Basics

Learn to ride level 1 is for first time riders who have no experience with dirt bikes. In order to sign up we do require that you are able to ride a bicycle without training wheels. 

What they will learn:  

  • Track etiquette and safety  
  • How to get on and off the bike  
  • How to start the bike properly  
  • Accelerating and braking with control  
  • How to put on and remove riding gear  
  • Balancing the bike while in motion  
  • Body positioning  
  • Basic cornering techniques  
  • How to remain safe and in control
  • Use of clutch and shifting (if rider progresses enough) 
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Learn to Ride Level 2 - Gaining Confidence

Learn to ride level 2 is for riders who have either completed level 1 learn to ride or who have basic riding experience.

  What they will learn:  

  • Starting and stopping on hills  
  • Track etiquette and safety  
  • Body positioning while standing and sitting  
  • How to navigate tracks safely  
  • Proper riding technique over rough terrain  
  • Refresh on some of “the basics” from level 1  
  • When and how to shift your bike  
  • Understanding of what gear is best for certain situations  
  • How to use your throttle, brakes and clutch smoothly  
  • How to pick up your bike if you have fallen 
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Learn to Ride Level 3 - Skill Developement

Learn to ride level 3 is for riders who have either completed level 2 or who are comfortable with cornering, shifting and navigating hills.

What they will learn:  

  • Maneuvering over small logs and rocks  
  • Intro to jumping (don’t worry parents we will keep it small and controlled)  
  • How to ride rollers and ruts  
  • Proper technique when riding more challenging hills  
  • How to get turned around if you can't make it up hill the first time  
  • What to check on your bike before you go riding  
  • We will refresh on some cornering from level 2  
  • We will also introduce some more advanced cornering skills 
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Summer Camp

Learn to race is for riders who have either completed Level 3 “Learn to Ride” or who have experience riding one of the full-sized bike tracks (East, Hill or Main). We are welcoming riders who have never raced and those who have experience racing. All levels of riders will walk away with the skills and proper techniques on how to improve at races or how to race for your first time. We will be splitting the riders up into three groups based on riding level so our experienced trainers will be able to focus on each rider and what they need to improve on. This is a 3-day summer camp our day starts at 9am and ends at 4pm. We will be going over starts, jumping, rollers, ruts, cornering, different track conditions, balancing, body positioning, nutrition, pre-race preparation, track etiquette and mindset. We have each day laid out with enough riding time to develop skill and we a have a bunch of fun drills that will help develop technique. 

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Reminder: Only 5 Spots available each session!


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